1. Do you charge for delivery?

No, our delivery is FREE to mainland UK and FREE to mainland Australia and the USA, more remote regions may incur a small fee.

2. Are there any screen charges or artwork fees?

No, we don’t believe in misleading pricing so there are no hidden costs.

3. Do you offer discounted pricing.

Yes we do, you can enjoy a 5 % discount on your customised cap order if you allow us to put our web address in small writing on each side of the cap. You can see a preview on our template before deciding.

4. How do i pay for my order?

Secure payments are of paramount importance to us so we use PayPal Invoicing for all our payments. This allows you to pay by card, bank account or PayPal balance. Through its policies, practices and business integrity PayPal has become the number 1 choice for e-commerce practitioners, with multiple guarantees in place to protect both buyer and seller alike.

5. What is the minimum order for swim caps?

For Customised swim caps we have a minimum order of 50 for latex 25 for silicone and 100 for the polyester. For our Character caps we sell in a mixed batch of 30. Our plain caps come in bundles of 100, this quantity can be made up of any of the colours available.

However, if you are combining a plain caps order with a customised order, we can reduce the plain caps minimum to 20.

6. Can I change or cancel my order once it has been made?

It is very important for you to check the artwork and text carefully before approving your order, as once approval has been made the order is sent to the factory it is impossible to amend, suspend or cancel.

7. Can you help me with the artwork?

Yes, we are well versed in the necessary graphic design software to assist you in any way. Just send us what you’ve got and we can go from there!

8. Can i add swimmers names to customised caps.

Yes, there is a minimum order of 2 caps per name with an additional cost, please refer to pricing chart, under the ‘Pricing & How To Order’ tab.

9. Can i have different designs on both sides?

Yes, just tell our JustSwimmingCaps representative what it is you require and they will tailor your quote accordingly and give you a visual representation for your approval.

10. How long will i have to wait for my order to be delivered?

If you have an event or promotion coming up we recommend you allow 4-6 weeks before the date you need them, as a precaution against unforeseen circumstances. In most instances the caps should be with you within 3-4 weeks after artwork approval and receipt of payment.

11. What are your payment terms?

Due to the customised nature of the product we require full payment before we can confirm the order with the factory. 

12. What is your returns policy?

Due to the customised nature of our products no returns are possible. All caps will be shipped free of material flaw, or will be replaced. Contact through our website must be made within 24hrs of receipt of your product. All claims must be settled within 30 days of the initial complaint.

Note, Light and florescent coloured latex/silicone can be discoloured due to high copper and chlorine levels present in pool water and hair products. Refunds or returns are not given in these cases.

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