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How To Take Care of Your Printed Swim Cap

Getting the longest life out of your new Swim Cap with your club logo!

Rinse your printed swimming cap in clean water, air dry and store out of the sun or away from direct heat. This will all help prolong the life of your printed swim cap and keep your school or club logo print fresh.

During the 2012 Olympics swim events held in London U.K., some swimmers wore double swim caps. Swimmers make this choice because the inner cap is latex and grips the head, their swim goggles go over the latex swim cap, and a second snug silicon swim cap is fitted over the goggles and inner cap making as smooth a surface as possible for maximum streamlining.

Why Wear a Swimming Cap?


  • Help protect your hair
  • Increase your hydrodynamics
  • Keep your hair out of your face
  • Keep swimming pools unclogged with hair
  • To keep your head warm
  • Make you more visible in open water
  • May help to reduce the risk of swimmer’s ear





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