Custom Latex Swimming Caps

Custom Latex Swimming Caps

A Lighter and Looser Fit at an Affordable Price


Minimum order quantity50
Material100% Latex
TypeCustom Latex

Our Custom Printed Latex Swimming Caps are constructed from Latex rubber and is the most affordable type of swim cap. Preferred by athletes who like a lighter looser fit. Latex Swim caps are ideal for swim practices, triathlons and open water swim events. A perfect fit for all swimming organisations, schools, clubs, colleges, universities and representative teams as well as special events, promotional events and competitions.

  • MOQ 50
  • Free Shipping to UK and Australia, other regions may incur a small surcharge, quotes available on request.


We expect to deliver within 15-21 working days anywhere in the world. We will confirm delivery days depending on destination. If you have any questions about your particular location please send us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Why Wear a Swimming Cap?


  • Help protect your hair
  • Increase your hydrodynamics
  • Keep your hair out of your face
  • Keep swimming pools unclogged with hair
  • To keep your head warm
  • Make you more visible in open water




  • Custom Printed, Plain or Pre-printed
  • The material of the cap
  • The quantity required
  • Attach an image of the print
  • Email us with the required delivery date
  • Or use the Enquiry Form



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